RAM advice for a 'noob' please :)

Hello all

Im looking to install some more memory in my system, but felt I needed some advice from people who know more about these things than I do...

I have 4GB of DDR2 1066MHz 2.15v Ram at the moment (2x2gb), but I can no longer get the type I have (OCZ gold).
So can I add 2GB of Kingston DDR2 1066MHz HyperX 2.2v to the system, along side the already installed OCZ? (there are 4 RAM slots in my system - 2 are being used at the moment, and I can have up to 12GB in total).
Also, because there are 4 slots, do I have to use BOTH the other 2 slots to even it out (either 2x1gb or 2x2gb), or am I ok just installing a 2GB stick in 1 slot?

Thank you in advance :)

My specs:
> ASUS P5QL/EPU iP43 Socket 775 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
> Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz Socket 775 1066FSB 3MB L2
> Radeon HD 6750 VaporX 1GB Graphics card
> x2 - OCZ 2 GB DDR2 1066MHz Gold Memory CL5 (5-5-5-18) 2.15V
> Western Digital, WD6401AALS 640GB, SATAII, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache – OEM Black Caviar
> 750W Modular Quiet PSU Power Supply Unit 120mm Fan
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  1. or G-Skill DDR2 PC8500-1066Mhz

    The OCZ, Kingston and the G-Skill are 5-5-5-15 by the way
  2. anyone?
  3. Mixing of RAM, especially DDR3 RAM is never recommended as it often will not work without problems. You would be better off to buy ONE, matched, tested RAM Kit of the full quantity you desire. For most people using a 64-bit O/S 8 GB. is more than enough. The is no real system performance gain with more memory, it just allows you to have more applications open concurrently or to use large apps like CAD, video editing, etc.

    Any of the name brand RAM that is approved for your CPU and is 1066 MHz. or a little faster should work fine. There's no point in paying extra for faster RAM frequency or lower latency as it doesn't deliver any tangible system performance gain.
  4. Thanks for the replay.
    I feel I need to point out that my RAM is DDR2 not 3 however ..

    Ok. So even if all the specs are the same, I can't use 2 different brands in the same machine?! What a pain in the ass ...
  5. You should be fine! Beenthere is right but its worth the risk to get more RAM as long as they have Identical specs.

    Just be sure that the matching RAM are in matching DIMMS.
    For example oon ASUS boards the 1st and 3rd DIMM run in Duel channel and the 2nd and 4th.

    IMO go for it!
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