Slaved a hhd onto my working computer now neither work

I homeschool my sons so we have many computers and usually I can find and fix the problem. My friend had a system that was not working. She thought is was the monitor. I checked the monitor on my sons computer; monitor works. I opened her computer and cleaned it. Connected to her monitor and to her computer; same error message. Then I changed the battery on her computer, rebooted same message. Then I connected her hdd to my computer not slaved though. My computer with her hdd booted. Message authenicate windows etc... So then I slaved her hdd to my computer; nothing noted. Next I put my hdd in her unit; nothing. Well then I hooked my hdd back up to my unit and nothing. Both now read Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter. Well I used my windows XP disc and it will go through the process of getting to the recovery console and it will continually repeat the process of installing XP then formating it, then it starts all over again. I have replaced the IDE cable. I have double checked the jumper pin settings. Not sure what the original Bios settings were for either computer. Neither unit was backed up.

My once good HDD Samsung SP12303N
The other HDD Seagate ST3250823A

I went to Staples today to buy a new harddrive but was told it is not likely the HDD. The ram in both was tested initally also. I have a headache now and I am irritated.

Thanks for any help!
Sheri TX
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  1. Reset the bios and start fresh just remove the battery from the motherboard for a minute this will reset the bios.
  2. I removed battery as stated. Screen comes to Compaq then freezes. I tried boot menu and is stated loading..... waited, and waited; same for the setup menu F1. Cd drive will not open; light is on. I had to manually eject drive to put the Windows XP cd in. No response. However no sorry message yet...... from the system
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