CPUTIN 125c temperature?


I bought a new pc ...
Asus P8Z68-V Pro
Intel i7 2600k
with Gtx570

I downloaded HWMonitor to check my temps ,
it shows me CPUTIN 125c ..

What is this ? and why its thats high ?
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  1. The program is *very* wrong....

    There is no way that your CPU is that hot and still running. I think those turn into a pile of melted silicon at around 98c

    You can always double check your temps inside of your BIOS
  2. my CPUTIN is high as i saied , 125c .. i noticed its stuck ... Same Current , high , and low..
    However my CPU temp on all cores -> 32C ,

    does this mean its a glitch or something ?
  3. Probably, because 32c on all cores are good temps.
  4. yes the computer would have turned itself off at about 100c that cpu temp on all cores seems about right for idle
  5. +1 bad reading it might be the.

    as long as the core temperature are ok.

    You can double check with speed fan to see if you have similar readings
  6. Okey thanks guys .. But i have a question which is wierd and i dont know which one of the programs to rely on about the temperature:

    My HWMonitor and Coretemp programs shows me the same Temp , something about 32C Idle on all Cores
    But the BIOS shows me one CPU Temp... it doesnt show all cores .. but one and its 50C ...

    Which program is correct ?
    Are this programs corret because they show the temps on each core unlike the BIOS which show one single CPU temp ??
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