Sapphire or gigabyte 5670


I want to buy the ATI 5670 version, but i dont know from witch provider should i get it? Sapphire or Gigabyte.

Could you guys pls help me, ty
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  1. Either card is good.
    could you give us some links for those card? what about warranty?
  2. Hello,

    Both cards are from very good brands. Make sure you read the warranty before buying. Some brands offer more warranty then others.

    I hope this helps,

  3. Thank you guys for the replyes, I ordered the Sapphire version. It has 36months of warranty and as I could read people only say good stuff about ati and sapphire combo's. Ty again for the replyes!

    ....the other problem that i havent considered its the power source, atm i have a 400W one and im not sure if that's enough, any thoughts??
  4. You should be fine unless you have some power hungry quad core CPU that's overclocked.
  5. ...its just a simple AMD 64 X2 Dual COre 4600+ 2.4GHz with 4gigs of ram :)
  6. okay, you're good to go, enjoy that card... :)
  7. thnx again! just got the order confirmed and ill have the card tomorow morning :) first time using ATI, hope things go smooth :P
  8. Happy gaming.

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