Had trouble booting

So tonight I boot up my computer and everything was normal, it was displaying the voltages as it usually does but the "VBAT" voltage was blank/blinking and it just sat there and wouldn't enter windows. I manually restarted the computer and everything was fine and my VBAT read 3.89 and went straight to windows.
Not sure if it matters but it was very cold in my room at that time. Is this something to worry about?
biostar 790GX am2+
amd phenom x5 9850
2 2GB ram, dual channel
corsair 600w PSU
HD 4850
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  2. Bump, thinking about upgrading me CPU but kinda scared cuz im not sure if its a warning sign that something is going out
  3. bump??
  4. If you have a problem, it is probably not the CPU.
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