My CPU is the problem?

I have a....
Intel® Pentium® D processor 820 (dual-core)

* Each core operates at 2.8 GHz, 800 MHz FSB
* 2 × 1 MB L2 cache
* 64-bit processor with EM64T Technology

with the graphic card Geforce GT 240

and im having trouble running SC2 on medium settings with shadow on it my CPU holding back my FPS that i should be getting for SC2? i Also have 1 gig of ram, Could that be the problem too?

If you need more additional information about my system then here you go...
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  1. 1 gig of RAM is not enough at all that is most likely your main problem besides the fact that Pentium D's are slow and very outdated nonetheless a RAM upgrade should help smooth things out.

    What OS are you running if you are running a 64-bit OS then upgrade to 4 gigs 2 x 2GB dimms if it is 32-bit then just grab another 2 gigs.
  2. sooo if i were to get more ram would it increase my fps within SC2?

    btw im on Windows XP
  3. Wow. That's a pretty outdated machine. My initial impressions is that your video card is probably the biggest bottleneck, but the CPU is also going to hold you back because SC II is pretty CPU intensive, as are most RTS's.

    That 1GB of RAM is probably holding you back as well. If you want to verify this for sure start SCII and then switch back to the desktop while SCII is still running in the background. Open task manager and check to see what the physical RAM usage is.

    I honestly would recommend upgrading to a new PC, budget allowing. There are so many parts on that PC that are holding you back. The other option would be to get a cheap video card as an upgrade and hopefully that would give you a boost. However, you may still be bottlenecked by other components and your CPU upgrade options on that PC may be pretty limited.
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