What is a good motherboard for ATI 5770 Hd 1gb ddr5 ?

I want to buy the xfx ati 5770 1gb ddr5 . i want to use it for gaming .. what is a good motherboard to go with this card .. i want a mother board that can support ddr3 memory .. and can support a good processor and has like 1 pci x16 slot thanks
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  1. Pretty much every platform currently produced will support a 5770.
    You need to decide AMD or Intel and a budget.
  2. All AM3 motherboards have DDR3 as well as all Core I series have DDR3. PCIE x16 is also standard on all motherboards too now so any board will do. If you want post your budget and one of us will put together the best bang for your buck system.
  3. The highest id pay for a motherboard is 200- 230 ... Id pay a little more for a processor .. wont go higher than 275 - 300
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