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This problem has been happening since late October if I remember correctly. Basically, my computer just reboots all of a sudden. The screen goes black and my computer starts up again from the hardware detect screens (the one were you can go into the BIOS). I can only compare the way it reboots (if you can call it that) to unplugging the computer and it just switching off/the power getting cut and then plugging it back in and turning it on again (without the need to actually turn it on, it just cuts out and blackscreens and starts up again). I don't have to be doing anything in particular for the reboot to occur, I could be at desktop, using the internet, gaming etc. It doesn't happen during any particular activity.

I have asked a few people about the occurence, first they told me to turn off the automatic restart thing, which made no difference at all as its not really 'restarting', it's just switching off and booting up again immediately. Which makes me believe it is a hardware problem which I then asked about. They said it could be the memory or the power supply. I ran memtest and it ran through once (one pass) and it encountered no errors. Which narrows it down to the PSU. So basically I'm assuming it's a PSU problem and therefore I need to buy a new one. But basically I'm looking for a 'second opinion' I guess, before I pay for a new PSU I want to be sure it's definitely a PSU problem, so could it be anything else on my system or am I right in buying a new PSU?


My computer spec btw:

Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2180 running @ 3GHz
2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2/PC-6400 memory
Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H micro-ATX motherboard
GeForce GTX 260, 216 core, 896MB
CoolerMaster Real Power 520W modular PSU
2x HDD, 1 Maxtor 160GB, 1 Hitachi 300GB (both SATA drives)
Windows XP 32-bit
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  1. Run memtest on each stick for at least two or three full passes if your going to use it,
    way I do it is try booting the system on each stick, if its bad it wont boot in my experience
    chck your bios settings as well, load up failsafe setting if you have to and see if restarts still happen
  2. How do I set it to each stick? I just thought it tested both sticks automatically?

    Also, theres nothing in the BIOS that is set up wrong or has changed since the reboots started happenining. I've been using this overclock since May 2008 and back then my computer was powered by a crap no-brand PSU and I never had issues.

    Thats what confuses me about it being a PSU issue, my PSU is a quality brand modular power supply which I have only had in my system since May 2009 and it could be on the blink already?
  3. This reboot problem is getting quite bad. I have had about five or six resets today, a few within five minutes of each other. One of the resets even happened on the very first hardware detect screen just as you turn the computer one!

    This surely has to be some sort of power supply issue? My computer just keeps getting 'cut off' without any sign it's going to happen, I could just be playing a game on the computer then bam, it turns off and starts up again.
  4. Quote:

    ... and back then my computer was powered by a crap no-brand PSU and I never had issues.

    It is still being powered by a crap no-brand PSU.


    ... , my PSU is a quality brand modular power supply ...

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I am not alone in my disdain for CM PSU's. CM makes great cases, but their PSU's still need work.

    If you could, try to borrow a known, good 500 - 550 watt PSU.

    If you cannot, the PSU is what I would try replacing first for two reasons. First, it it is the most likely suspect. Second, it's probably the least expensive component.

    If you decide to replace the PSU, please choose a better brand.
  5. Can you recommend some good PSU brands then please?
  6. Ok, so I ran memtest on each stick of memory separately for two passes each, both passes on each stick returned no errors. I reset the BIOS settings to the failsafe defaults and my CPU overclock was returned to the normal speed of 2GHz. Yet I still got a reboot after this.

    Am I safe in assuming this is 99% a power supply problem and I need to buy a new one?
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