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Hey guys, I am putting together a new rig. It's a gaming system, so performance in games is my main concern. I have a small SSD and a larger HDD.

My first instinct is quite simply to put the OS (Windows 7) and the games on the SSD, and any documents, downloads, etc, on the HDD.

But it occurred to me that I might save a bit of precious SSD space by installing the OS on the HDD and telling it to put the virtual memory swap file on the SSD instead.

Of course windows start-up will be slower, but performance in games should still be just as good? How crucial is it that OS files themselves can be loaded from the drive quickly, once the OS is started up?
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  1. Though I am not a gamer, my concern was for performance as well (HD video editing with Premiere and the use of After Effects and Photoshop). I installed the OS and the Adobe Suite on the SSD and then moved the swap file to the HDD as well as documents and downloads. The programs I use load much faster off the SSD than they did when I was using an HDD and the performance so far has been great. I also boot from an SSD on my laptop with an HDD used for storage.
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