Graphic's keep messing up HELP !!!

Right were to start :( Few months ago i started up a game of left 4 dead then all of a sudden the graphics started messing up i was wtf!! so i turned my pc off at the tower and then restarted the game and it was fine witch i thought was wierd. Cut a long story short everytime i go on my computer in the morning and the pc as been switched off all night it happens again and it doesnt matter witch game i play it always happens :( its like it needs time to warm up or something lol ??

4 GB OCZ 1600
850W PSU

Link is below for a picture of whats happening

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  1. Have you checked the card temps?
    Does it happened on the other games as well?
  2. Is the card overclocked?
  3. Card tempsin-game are bout 48c and it happens on all games but then ill restart the computer and try again no problems but its the hassle of restarting my computer to play a game....and no the card is not over clocked :( its a shame really personally i think the cards on its way out but its only over a year old :(...thanks for replys
  4. What drivers are you using?
  5. Drivers are all up to date i just dont know what else could be wrong :(
  6. gaz2690 said:
    Drivers are all up to date i just dont know what else could be wrong :(

    It it Catalyst 10.9? Try 10.3 or 10.4 and see what happens.
  7. yer its 10.9 id say its been happening for bout 2-3months so i should roll it back to 10.3 ?
  8. 10.3 or 10.4 is the most stable driver for now..
    try it..
  9. its a problem with the card's memory processing, make sure you are running it on stock value.
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