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I've got a wifi network in a condominium block.
At the moment I've got some aps linked by WDS on 802.11 g, but it looses quite a lot of the speed.

Is it possible to link the aps with WDS 802.11n and clients connect with their 802.11g receivers?

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  1. Sure but it won't increase their speed any since they have G connections on the computers. Your issue is probably with where the access points are located in relation to the clients. Distance + walls = low speed.
  2. My concern is the wds link between the APs,
    With n wifi, the APs will be connected more stongly, right?

    The users will receive what they get in their room, that's fine. I just want to make stronger the links between distant APs so there are no lost in signal...
    having a ping less than 5ms between APs..

    So mixture WDS n, clients g working right?
  3. Ah, yea that should work out, read this though http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-range_Wi-Fi

    If you are upgrading your APs, look at the part about MIMO (multiple antennas) so you can select a good one.
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