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which alll games work in my computers graphic card g41 chipsets?????
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  1. ^+1 other things to take into account when buying a discrete GPU is what PSU and CPU is currently installed in the system.
  2. Actually quite a few games will work on that chipset if you have ample RAM installed it supports as I quote
    "Intel® G41 Express Chipset delivers optimized 3D graphics performance and support for Microsoft DirectX* 10, Shader Model* 4.0, and OpenGL* 2.0. These graphics enhancements deliver the performance and compatibility you need for entertaining, everyday gameplay for the most popular game titles."

    Although nothing beats a discrete graphics card but I have my doubts if your particular Mobo has a PCIe Slot.....
    If it does, I'm happy for you but if , as the case usually is, you don't then it's going to limit your gameplay to a certain extent.
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