Best Socket 775 Mobo to match Q6600 CPU?

Hi, I'm wondering if you could spare some on advice on what's the best socket 775 Motherboard out there to match my Q6600?
775 is quite old now so hopefully the motherboards shouldn't be that expensive <£100 is my budget
I bought an Asus striker extreme second hand which turned out to be faulty,
And then bought a second hand Asus P5Q-EM-DO which again turned out to be faulty.. Just my luck :fou:

Anyway here's what I'd ideally like it to be..
Socket 775
4x DDR2 Slots (I've already bought the DDR2 ram for the previous 2 boards so don't wanna lose money just to go to DDR3
Would prefer it to be ATX just so it fills my Antec 300 out more lol
Be a straight forward overclocker, wanna be playing games not tweaking
4+ Sata ports would be sufficient

I think that's about it, if you need any more info just ask?
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  1. I would have to have a link to your vender. The p43 boards are still widely available. Saw one brand new x38 board recently for around $100; some use ddr2, some ddr3 so check the specs carefully. Before ordering, try selling your old ddr2; it's worth more than the new ddr3. I got my 4x4 gb of gskill 1333 for $70 recently; tiger direct has same in hyperx kingston for $52 after rebate listed in slickdeals or fatwallet.
  2. Thanks, and I don't have a vender, I just tend to buy stuff of eBay and put it together lol
    And I may have to sell the DDR2 and get a DDR3 board if the DDR2 stuff is actually worth more then the DDR3 stuff!!
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