I can't find the BIOS updates for a XFX nForce 780i 3-Way SLI motherboard Phoeni

I have searched everywhere including the manufacture website and phoenix award (phoenix technologies) sends me to biosagentplus.com to update. Biosagentsplus is a goddamn pay to use service, and spending 30 bucks to update my BIOS is unacceptable. I need to know where I can download an update, please help.
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  1. Usually we go through the board manufacturer! http://xfxforce.com/en-us/products/motherboards/7series/780i.aspx Click on support and register!
  2. I already checked out what they have available after I registered and there is no BIOS update :(
  3. No Bios at all?
  4. No and when I go through phoenix-awards the only way to get the update is (apparently) by going through the site that wants me to pay money to update... thievery@
  5. There must be a bios at their site this is listed "We recommend updating the BIOS on your XFX Nforce 780i SLI ( MB-N780-ISH9 ) to version P08." I would at least contact them!
  6. Contacting XFX will do no good, I was on hold with there customer service department for almost a hour before getting a answer and then I was told that they no longer support XFX motherboards in any manner.
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