Intel celeron 336 to Intel Dual Core E5800?

Hello, today my parents want to upgrade their pc, but they only want a small upgrade.£60 or less.
They use it for casual web browsing and stuff lack that. Almost no gaming.
THeir current cpu, the celeron 336 @2.8GHZ, single core stutters and lags when watching stuff on bbc iplayer and youtube. (they have a 1920x1080 screen, to watch films on it)
Also programs take ages to load, e.g. google chrome loads 5mins after double clicking on it.

The motherboard is socket lga775 so that limits me to the options.
Will this cpu give a noticeable performance boost?

Also, they only have 1.5Gs of Ram, could that be a problem?
The hardware is very old, bought it around 6 years ago and is still running. :D
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  1. Tthe E5800 is much faster than that celeron and the difference is very noticable, but most likely the processor won't be compatible with a 6 year old motherboard, even if both are socker LGA 775. (What exactly is your motherboard's model number?)

    As for the RAM, I have used vista with 1.5G of RAM and I never felt that I needed more, so that should be enough for light usage.
  2. Foxconn 661 7MJ
    Its from 2006 so my bad,its 5 years.
  3. Well its not good news as far as I can tell there is no listings anywhere for your exact motherboard. I do knoew it is a SIS 661 chipset by the model number and that chipset could support upto a Pentium D as long as there was a bios for it from Foxconn, but they do not have any listings for your exact board.

    This is the closest I could find.

    I am almost certain this is it

    Processor: Intel® Pentium® D, Pentium® 4 processor, Socket T (LGA775)
    Chipset: SiS 661GX + 964
    Front Side Bus:FSB 533 MHz

    So if that is the case then the Pentium D 805 is the best it can run.


    I also want to add that there are 3 other boards Foxconn list with that chipset and can handle better Pentium D processors with the 800 MHz FSB, but if yours has a Celeron in it I doubt it.

    Was this an OEM computer like HP, or Dell?
  4. It was bought from novatech.
    I will have a look at the other stats of the mobo.
  5. romanrp said:
    It was bought from novatech.
    I will have a look at the other stats of the mobo.

    See if you can find any markings on the motherboard.

    Where did you get the model number you listed for us?

    There is a program called Everest just Google it and download the free version. This program might give you some more info about what it is exactly.
  6. Sis 661fx chipset
    FSB=fsb 533.3
    I got the info from cpu-z
  7. OK well according to the Foxconn site the SIS 661FX supports Intel Pentium D, Pentium 4 processor, Socket T (LGA775) - FSB 800 / 533 MHz. This does not tell me enough to give a definitive answer to which Pentium Ds will work it might only accept the Pentium D 8xxs or it could use some of the 9xx series.

    I wish I could give you more of a definite answer to what will work , but with the information they provide its hard to tell.

    The good news is that you can find a Pentium D on ebay between $20 and $50 so my suggestion to you is to just pick one with an 800 MHz bus that is cheap enough to be able to take a loss if it doesn't work. I can however say for sure that the Pentium D 8xx models should work without a problem but those processors are not that great, but should be a much improved system over the Celeron you have now.
  8. Thanks for the help :)
    so something like this?
    looks like i might as well get a cheap amd bundle , those are meant to rule at the low end market.
  9. romanrp said:
    Thanks for the help :)
    so something like this?
    looks like i might as well get a cheap amd bundle , those are meant to rule at the low end market.

    Yes the 820 would be a safe bet and can be had for about $20 would not spend mor then that on it. This will help your system move along much better, but I would not spend mor then $30 at the most to upgrade that system. Anymore then that like you said you can get a cheap Athlon II system that will blow it away and if you go with an AM2+ board you can even reuse your DDR2 RAM to cut down cost.
  10. Yes they should be good, I just thought about something the memory in with that Celeron is it 533 or 667MHz. If its 533MHz it might not play nice with the new board so check to see what you have in there if its 533MHz you may have to buy RAM and if thats the case you might as well go DDR3 since it will cost about the same so check that out before you make a purchase.
  11. I use my old celeron 2.96ghz to hulu/ youtube watch shows all the time and dont have a problem besides it being slow compared to my new systems. I don't run at the resolution you run at though but its connected to my old tv (640x480) and my monitor (800x600) simultaneously with a dual graphics cards (agp and pci in clone mode). I have 2 Gb of ram installed.

    Do you have a dedicated graphics card in it or using onboard video?
    Have you reinstalled the OS? I bet it could use it after 5 years. <grin>
  12. If I were you I'd reinstall the OS, then if it still has issues playing flash video, buy the AMD parts. Make sure that the AMD board has the right connectors for everything in your case, for example, if it has enough internal USB headers. That can always be a real pain in the ass...
  13. It's not an OS issue for flash at least. It's the resolution that's killing the flash video performance. I still think the best way to go here would be the Pentium D route. Sure the Pentium D is the slowest of the 'real' dual core CPUs (there's also the dual core atom, which takes honors as slowest POS), but it's still much faster than a single core Celeron D. That upgrade alone should make the computer a lot more useful in a day to day usage scenario. I would follow that up with a reinstall of the operating system and finally a graphics upgrade to an HD 4650 AGP for hardware acceleration of flash video using the latest drivers from ATI and Adobe.

    BTW, the 661FX chipest is DDR only for ram. Never came as DDRII.
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