Need help upgrading 530s

I have a dell 530s with the Following specs:
E2160 1.8ghz
2gb ddr2 RAM
250gb 7200rpm hd
Radeon HD 4350
250w PSU

I have $300, I would like to make this computer better for gaming, so suggestions for new parts that would speed up gaming would be great!

P.S.: I would be willing to upgrade the PSU even if it means it has to sit outside the case!

Thanks for your Help!!! :D
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  1. is that a dual core cpu and which windows r u running? can u post link of complete details of ur PC?
  2. More ram, a more powerful GPU, and a faster processor would all help.
  3. 1| Along with that $300 i'd sell the rig and get a totally new build from us
    2| With the PSU, CPU and a low profile card - your overshooting your luck with a gaming rig by a mile but you'll manage to pull it off just that your not anywhere near the targeted gaming performance of an equally priced rig :D

    Found this but is out of stock -

    and this -

    add a seasonic PSU to it, - now comes the CPU - that'd be a lil hard as we don;t know your mobo and IF it can support a 45nm Intel Quad core, ok i've overshot it :P but it will support 65nm processors - still looking at your rigs documentation. oh and add another 2GB DDR2 (800-1066MHz) of ram (if your slots are free that support 1066MHz) and it comes to more than $300

    feeling ppoped out with all this stuff to look at and find - 530a/b/c/d but no bloody freakin 'S' lols...when did dell ever keep up with their aging hardware? on another note, HP and dell are very alike, they have propietory parts and the first problem people talk about is the PSU swap. But i think that trouble has passed away.
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