Need advice on this second hand PC for WoW

Hi everyone. I have finally found someone to show me the steps in building a computer. I've decided to wait until both, AMD and Intel, release their new architecture in 2011 (hopefully). In the mean time I found a second hand PC that I think should be able to handle WoW. The specs are as follows:

AMD Phenom (tm) 8400 triple-core processor 2.10 GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium
3 GB Memory (ram)
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS Overclock 640 MB

It comes with a monitor that's 1440 x 900 in resolution.
Now, I'm not expecting it to part the red sea in half, and dont mind playing at low settings (except for spell detail, which will be as high as I can get it). I'm just wondering if you think it would perform okayish (is this a word?!). Thanks for your help in the mean time.
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  1. I think a lot of us would be hesitant to say this PC would be okayish (if two people use the word, it is validated :) ) And it's money spent, and likely you will lose some of it even if you can re-sell.

    But if this is the only way to play . . . 12/7 is coming fast . . . frankly, you ought to be able to get WoW to run at some resolution, maybe a little lower than 1440x900 if necessary.

    Spell details high, eh? Damn caster ;)
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    that will run WoW. It should even run wow at 1440x900. My guess its medium settings
  3. Always a caster! I haven't played WoW in three years and am itching to get back in. I want to crate a rare dwarf Mage (unless my info is incorrect and they cant be mages). Anyhow, the seller is selling it for 200 bucks which I think is reasonable. I just don't want to be without a PC, and using an iPhone for all my Internet needs is becoming tedious.
  4. yeah. that looks like a 2-year old system, which should be able to run WoW Cataclysm, but won't be blazing fast
  5. Your info is correct, you can be a dwarf mage . . . only class you can't dwarf is a druid.

    As a rogue . . . always a rogue . . . I need to turn down details in order to see the damn fight 'cuz of you guys ;)
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