Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Fan Issue~

Hey guys, installed my new Hyper 212+ yesterday, this thing is huge! :eek:

I got it mainly to keep it cool, and quiet; by using the SmartFan stuff.

Well, when I plugged the fan in, SmartFAN was already enabled so I though, good.

My entire time on the computer, fan never came on.
Processor idle'd @ ~30°C (Stock cooler idled at 36! :eek: with 100% fan..).

So I hopped into bios, disabled smartfan to see if it'd set it spinning, nothing.
I tried detecting for a connection (4pin IS plugged in, double, triple checked) on both 3pin, 4pin, and auto. BIOS didn't find jacksquat..

I plugged the stock fan back in, spun up perfectly...

Motherboard: Biostar A770E3 (got it with the proc. real cheap..)
Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 620
Memory: DDR3 - 2x2GB Corsair & 2x2GB AVEXIR
Graphics: BFG Tech 250 GTS
Processor: Coolmax 600W

Anyone know what's going on? :rolleyes:

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    If you plugged another fan into the 4 pin motherboard connector and it worked the fan is probably bad; just make sure you have your cooling set to active in BIOS. I just installed my 212 yesterday and the fan worked normally; I have it set on quiet.
  2. Well, thanks for all the help guys!

    For one, the plug was plugged in improperly, 3 pins on one side, one open.
    Replugged it, still didn't work, hopped into bios, and found a smartfan disable feature (even though it was enabled on the Advanced tab.. weird...

    So it turned out to be both BIOS and the plug..

    I feel stupid!
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