Computer Instability, Cant Locate problems

Specs: AMD 620 Athlon II X4
MSI-k9a2 Platinum 790FX
4GB DDR2 OCZ Titanium(4x1 sticks)
HDD Seagate 500gb 32b cache Sata II 3gbs
HDD Western D. 160gb Sata 1.5gbs
ATI Radeon 4850 513 by Visiontek
PSU 500wat Modular by BFG 80% Efficient

Okay, this morning I woke up to find that my computer was not responding. The mouse was moving and everything seemed okay with no artifacts etc, but it was not responding to my clicks on any icons, and when i put my cursor over the start bar it would give me the loading loop and it would simply stay that way. I eventually was forced to shut it down with the power button because it would not respond.

I got a disk read error. At first I immediately assumed it was the HDD losing data because of the irregular shut down. So i unplugged it, reconnected it to the mobo, made sure there was no dust or anything that might have caused this problem to begin with and attempt another boot.

Success, it boots up and gives me the windows login. I login and everything appears to be in working order. 10 seconds later its doing the exact same thing again. I shut it down and boot it into safe mode. COMPLETELY STABLE in safe mode. I transfer all my imporant files from my primary HDD, to my secondary HDD and decide it is a good time to reformat this sucker. If its stable in safe mode and not in normal, I assumed something was wrong with my OS.

I reformat the C drive, and after everything is said and done it appears be stable once more. However after cleaning and reorganizing all my files between my new install and my other drive, it gives me the non-responsive loading again.

I am now checking the HDD with seatools, and i have checked it with CHKDSK. CHKDSK says "The Volume is Fine" and Seatools passed it on the SMART testing, and im testing it with Short DST and a Short READ. What else should i use to determine if its the HDD or something else? I am at a loss here, its running fine enough that I could write this message, and it seems to boot perfectly since I reformatted so I dont know what else to check.
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  1. Well it passed both tests from SEATOOLS, so I am still at a loss. It isnt a heat issue as the CPU has stayed 21c this whole time. Since it has passed the test im going to try PRIME95 to see if maybe my RAM is failing. It has not done the loading thing since I rebooted it from it doing it the first time after the clean install, as I have written both these posts with said computer.
  2. It did the loading this again even after it passed all the tests and it even passed the Windows memory Diagnostic that came with windows 7. I am stumped at this point, I seriously dont know where else to look. It did it straight out of booting, windows screen was up but none of the icons loaded and it just kept trying to load and load and load. I am so frustrated. Can anyone help me out here?
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