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My 1st build: i7 for photo/video editing, and some gaming

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November 26, 2010 9:54:36 PM

What do you think of this build for manipulating lots of big files in Photoshop CS5 and a moderate amount of HD and SD video editing (mainly in Premier Pro CS5), and a little bit of gaming? Any thing look like it won't work? Any cost savings or low-cost performance boosts I missed? I am thinking I can install Windows, Photoshop, and maybe Premier on the SSD. Hopefully I have some room left that I can use the remainder of the SSD space as a scratch disk for Photoshop. I have never built a system before, but have worked on them in the past and done plenty of card swaps, memory upgrades, etc. Any tips? Thanks!

Public Wishlist name "Ryans i7"

November 26, 2010 10:13:00 PM

My two biggest worries are that the PSU won't be enough especially if I want to add another video card down the road, and that the case will be too cramped. The total price is around $2000 right now but I have a little wiggle room, no hard budget.
November 26, 2010 10:36:46 PM

Looks like a very competent PC.

I think the GTX470 is about right. I understand that nvidia CUDA support is helpful for photoshop. If you think you might want more, get a GTX480 or GTX580 up front.
Any of them will run on a good 600w psu. I do not like to prepare for sli if you don't need to.

If you think you want to plan on sli any way, get a quality psu of 750w.
My short list of quality psu's would include Corsair, Seasonic, PC P&C, XFX, and Antec.
I would jump on the seasonic X750. Modular, gold certified efficiency, and top quality. Use promo code emczznt45 for a $50 discount :

If that is no longer available, look at the XFX750:

The Asus rampage III is a fine motherboard, but more expensive than it needs to be for you. Triple sli capability is not needed.
The sabretooth will do the job as well at half the price:
I like the 5 year warranty too.

Any high end build should include a oem cpu cooler. Most any will do. It will let your cpu run cooler and quieter. If you OC, and it is easy on X58 motherboards, a cooler will let you go higher and easier.
Today, you can't beat the CM hyper 212 for $15 after rebate:

Nothing wrong with the case, all will fit.

As to advice for a first time builder, download and read the motherboard and case manuals.. cover to cover. Many issues will be answered, and some raised.