New i5 build ordering this weekend

Hey all was hoping someone could check out this list and see if I can finish my order. I already missed out on my motherboard that sold out... to slow dang

Approximate Purchase Date: Now! Might wait till monday on grafix card but dont want them to sell out on stuff again

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming and basic web surfing ect.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard ,mouse, monitor, hard drive

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: New egg US

Parts Preferences: None really

Overclocking: Never OCed before but might try

SLI or Crossfire: yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200 28inch. I have the monitor.

Additional Comments: I just had a Samsung spinpoint F3 1tb delivered. Missed out on a few deals that sold out so now Im a bit lost. haha. I would like to... damn processor just disapeared here is what is left in my cart lol
DvD drive


Power supply modular



cpu cooler-

Total so far $370

So how is that looking so far? Still need the Motherboard - Processor - One big Video card or run dual cards.

Budget is over 1000 so hope to get MB processor and cards for that hopefully. Any ideas??
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    Think this board would work? Total would be up to $550

    Still would need the processor and Cards any ideas?
  2. 1000$ for CPU + MOBO + GPU? or 630$ left for these 3 parts?
  3. Ok I still dont know if I need i7 but will try and work with your build. here goes.

    Went with this case Storm troopers recycled!

    PSU think I might need more power in case I run 2 cards in SLI later

    GPU this 470 superclocked $243

    Total after changes is sitting at $1150
    Or on the GPU I should I go with dual 460's now? Hows this looking anyone?
  4. U r getting an i7 build in almost same budget so y would u even doubt about that.

    Recommended PSU

    GPU should be a single GTX 470, later on u can add another 470 rather then being stuck in 2 460's.

    The link of case still shows the same one which u selected in first post(NZXT Phantom).
  5. No your right will swap the PSU and keep the 470. So any other changes? Should I leave out the CPU cooler at 15 bucks I figured it was a cheap upgrade.
  6. $1122 why do I want a ssd to now?
  7. If u can afford an SSD then y not, u can use it as ur windows drive and install all ur apps on it, ur windows experience will be lot quicker with it but would need at least 60Gb model. see if u can squeeze it in, if not then no biggie, u can get it later on.

    About the CPU cooler, if u r gona do some overclocking then get it or even a better model but if no overclocking then stock one is sufficient.
  8. ^ why get that Corsair, for $10 more stay with the Antep TP-750 because its modular. (i bought this psu two days ago, and am buying a gigabyte super overclocked gtx 470 this morning)
  9. The modular one would be better I think. My first ever build and would be nice not having all the extra cables to hide.

    Vindictive I was looking at the card I had picked vs the Gigibite superclocked



    After the instant coupon code $27 on the EVGA making it $56 cheaper. It is faster but not sure which one to go with.
    read the review, it draws less power + has less heat. and comes with mafia 2 atm. I just bought the Gigabyte SOC this mornin.
  11. Better less power less heat sounds good.

    Adding a corsair 60gb ssd more expensive then some but felt better about it than the ones that were on sale this week. Does that sound good to put the Win 7 on and put everything else on the Spinpoint?
  12. some people say the small SSD are okay, some people say don't bother if its not at least 120GB.. I've never had one so idk..
    but thats a fine SSD.
    Corsair Force, OCZ Agility 2, OCZ vertex 2, that G.skill one's name I don't remember are all good.
  13. i have a 60GB OCZ SSD and its enough for my win7 + lots of big softwares, still have some 16gb space free in it.
  14. Whats this I've heard about needing to leave %20 free?
  15. Well from my previous reads about SSD's there is no need of leaving any free space intentionally, there was some topic about old SSD models which had some sort of issue but newer models are all intelligent (i guess dats the correct word for it).

    I had my 60GB SSD 95% full some of the time cause i download high def video directly into it and i have never felt any difference in performance so dat at least proves u dont need 20% free space.

    So yeah a 60Gb is more then enough for ur boot drive, i just hope their prices have a big downfall so we can enjoy some gud speed, fed up with this mechanical hdd crap.
  16. haha, I haven't experienced SSD's yet, I just bought a seagate barracuda 7200.12 1tb, now I'm waiting to see on Cyber Monday if I can pick up a 120GB SSD, right now that g.skill one is under $200 so thats a good deal.
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