ATI 5770 driver/card repeatedly crashes

Ok, thanks in advance for the help.

I have an XFX HD-577A-ZNFR running on a OCZ 700W PSU (other stats are in my configuration if you click under my username). The problem is that every 5-20 minutes the computer display freezes, turns a solid color (usually white or black) then the there is no input for a second then it returns to normal with Windows 7 returning back to normal with a message telling me that the ATI display driver has recovered from a serious error and all is fine.

At first I thought it was in fact the driver, I recently installed the 10.9 ATI drivers. So I took that off and ran with the 10.7 (the one I had previously), and the same thing happened. Next, I tried 10.8 and to no avail.

My next step was to watch for voltage spikes and there seems to be no variation before, during, or after these events.

Lastly, I watched GPU-Z for any variations and found one. During the time that my screen flickers, turns one color, etc.. the Core and Memory Clocks jump up to their Max ( 850 and 1200, respectively) and the temp goes through the roof (AVG 38.5 goes to 43 in less than 5 seconds).

Ideas on how to stop this incredibly annoying freezing? Do I have to RMA it? (I am under lifetime warranty!)
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  1. Try clean install 10.9a hot fix(driver sweeper ,etc.)

  2. There is a picture of GPU-Z results for two crashes that happened within a few minutes of one another.
  3. I don't see anything extraordinary ,two spikes in GPUs could be just power play,you mention " turns a solid color (usually white or black)" -contact XFX support,could be your card,the only other thing that i would suggest is to try your card in another system(friends relatives,etc) that way you know if its video card or hardware/driver problem
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