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I've got an Asrock 970 Extreme4, a AMD phenom II x4 955, 8gb of Ram, and a 460 GTX.

The computer has worked well for about a week but started freezing after long periods of idle. Now it's locking up during use. When I hard reset, fans kick on but DrDebug is blank, there's no beeps or anything. Unplugging the power and unseating the GPU, then plugging it back in gets me 00 on DrDebug, no beeps, no backlight on the mobo power/reset buttons, and nothing else. According to AsRock 00 and no beeps indicates a bad CPU.

So, it could be the CPU, GPU, motherboard, or possibly the PSU but how do I narrow it down and figure out what needs to be returned?
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  1. Check your cpu heatsink first to make sure it's square and even on the cpu. Cpus rarely fail unless extra voltage has been applied.
  2. I'd also run Memtest86+ from a floppy, CD or flash drive to check for memory errors.
  3. Actually, it's the power profile.
    Hibernation, system standby, automatic power saver features can be turned off in the power profiles.
    More than likely, it's one of these features that is not compatible with the board, and shutting it off will solve the dilemma.
    The very same problems occurred with XP and other OS. Not all systems are compatible with the power saver features, and lock up when the computer goes into standby or hibernation.
    The power saver that turns off the mouse and keyboard, to "save power" can be shut off, and this is highly recommended.
  4. Ok, I would like to point out the pc is not posting... so running anything is impossible, which also makes me believe it's not an automatic power saving feature. I'll check and make sure the heatsink is square but I'm fairly certain it is.
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