Memory error with new build, help please.

I just built my first gaming pc. When I turn it on the motherboard lights up, I hear the optical drive spinning, the fans spin, yet it doesn't actually boot. I found the little motherboard speaker and when I boot up it gives me 3 medium beeps. As far as I can tell this means the ram is not functioning. I am using 2 4gb sticks of G.Skill Ripjaw 1600. I tried them together, as well as individually, in different slots and I always get that beeping. Is it definitely the RAM that is broken or could it be the motherboard RAM slots? How can I tell apart from trying other RAM?
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  1. You need to list your system specs, especially the motherboard and power supply.
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    You can't tell unless you trying other memory - if you're sure the three beeps mean memory issues. Mobo slots are rarely ever bad unless you break one but RAM needs to be fully seated in the slot so the side latches actually pull themselves in place to lock the RAM in the socket.
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