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Geforce 9800GT problems

Hi, recently my video card has been malfunctioning, whenever i play a game of watch a movie, the screen freezes up and shows some green pixels outlining the image on screen. At the moment, i get an windows error code 43 in the properties of the video card. Also on the start-up of the computer, i get a strange pattern in the very beginning of the start-up showing the bios version, the pattern is:


this pattern is everywhere and even on top of the words on the screen at the start-up(before showing the OS I'm using) and it disappears afterwards. What do I do?
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    To put it short your card has failed or is in the process of dieing so you will have to replace it or go to lengths to diagnose your problem such as cooling or power. You can try to clean and improve the cooling on your card but at this stage it may be to late as it is arctifacting in movies which is a bad sign. If it is power then check the voltage on the 12v rail and if it is below 11.5v then your psu is not up to the job. If the volts is good then its the card alone.
  2. my video card is 2 years old, and what do you mean by the 12V rail??
  3. Good riddance that is the source that power most of your computer internally. -.-
  4. I know that, but what do you mean by "rail" from the 12V rail?
  5. Dang dat dog don't hunt. Redneck for he doesn't research... It is the 12v source coming from the psu inside the machine, most of the parts derive their power from that source.
  6. ok, I'm thinking of getting a new PSU and a new card, is there anything i need to know for changing my PSU??
  7. Na it is easy swap but be sure to get a quality psu and one that is more than you know that you need like a 650-750w psu from Antec or Enermax ect.
  8. PSUs are one of the easiest things to sawp out as long as you plug everything back in the same way you unplugged it.
  9. ok, so i wont have any compatible issues right??
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