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I've had my rig for almost a year now with just one 5770 and i just reformatted and then installed a second 5770. installed all drivers, but for some reason neither CCC nor msi afterburner will change settings on one of my cards (GPU1) I cant change fan speeds, clocks, voltage, nothing. it shows that its there and in crossfire, but when i try to change the fan speed or clocks nothing happens. and CCC reads it at 0 degrees celcius, while afterburner reads it correctly (between 40 and 60c)
any idea as to whats wrong?
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  1. First, I'd recommend using your new card as the only card and in the primary slot, and check whether it works and that you can reach it with CCC and MSI AB.

    If all is well, install the old card as card #2 and see if you're running OK.

    If not, read through this and see if the CCC/AB thing is related to the potential driver issues talked about:

  2. tried all those steps and there wasnt much in that article that helped out with this problem. nothing helped at all, gpu1 is still completely unresponsive and i just noticed that my frame rates in crysis are unusually low when looking out onto a large vista, significantly lower than what i got with one card
  3. Recap: the new card responds the same way whether in crossfire or not, and when used alone in either slot? ie, it doesn't respond?

    If so, rma the card.
  4. It responds just fine by itself, but when in crossfire whichever card is in the primary slot (x16), the card is unresponsive. My old card was unresponsive while in cf and x16 slot, and the new card was unresponsive when in cf in the x16 slot. im thinking its a mobo problem, but idk what kind of driver to download or if i should even try updating bios. its an asus M4A79XTD EVO
  5. I had the same exact problem. I had an asus m4a79xtd evo with 2x hd 5850's and my framerates were absolutely horrible in crossfire mode, what i beileved the problem was is that the cards are set to 16x-1x or 8x-4x not 8x-8x and the framerates are seriously bottlenecked. Although i have never found a solution, i ended up buying a biostart ta890fxe with 16x-16x and alls fine now, try a freinds motherboard to see if it works for you. Good luck.
  6. OK, recap is wrong - both cards work OK individually, and both fail in xfire in the primary slot.

    So the issue may be mobo, or perhaps the crossfire connector.

    The latest BIOS for your mobo is 2102 (or perhaps 2103 - there's a labelling conflict) dated 7/30/10. It fixes a "no post using certain graphic card"). Nothing in the BIOS history shows any fix for xfire.

    If xfire is working in Crysis, is it possible that the AA mode is being switched to SuperSample by CCC? That might account for dropping frame rates. Might be worth checking.
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