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I think I've made up my mind but wanted everyones opinion on this and I wanted to know if Cyber Monday is worth waiting for.

My build:

AMD 955(going to overclock) combo with COOLER MASTER Hyper 212

My main questions are with this motherboard, I have a 5770 and was thinking of getting another if I need it so I wanted a motherboard to support two of them at x16(correct me if I'm wrong). It is also my understanding that the new AMD processors coming out next year would be able to fit on this board, so in a year if I upgrade to the new processor this motherboard should be fine right?

Is this ram good for editing HD video with Sony Vegas 10? Will I need more, or can I just buy a second set later on? Will it fit on the board with the cooler?

I already have a xfx 5770, HHD, 650w PSU, case, and I'll pick up a cheap optical drive.
My main question is will all of this fit and work together?

Thanks, Nick.
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  1. Yes all that stuff is good.

    Though that board like any AM3 board out will not support Bulldozer.

    Yes the FX is for x16/x16. The thing is this is not required as x8/x8 is fine and doesn't bottleneck pretty much anything. Because of this you can just get an 890GX. FX is for people who want to run more then 2 cards.
  2. actually, you can save a TON. Get the AS Rock 870 Extreme 3. It has a pair of PCIe16 slots for 8x/8x crossfire, usb 3, and sata 3 for $79.99 right now
  3. I obviously don't know too much about motherboards, Ive heard of Gigabyte and Asus but is AS Rock even a good name? What about overclocking and will my ram fit with the cooler?
  4. AS Rock is a spin-off from Asus as their entry into inexpensive motherboards. Its solid stuff.

    Ripjaws can interfere wiith some larger coolers
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