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Which monitor is better? I own the hans g. I like the 1920x1200 res but I'm not so happy with the colors and sharpness. Will I see a step down getting the HP or no change? I only have 450 to spend. I don't want to go to a 24' monitor.
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  1. The 24' monitor was a typo? Which HP model are you considering? Any other choices? Samsung makes great gaming monitors, and my new 27" sceptre (~$330 at newegg) does really well, too.
  2. Exactly what do you mean by you are "not so happy with the colors"?
  3. What I meant was I feel the Hans G monitor isn't as clear/crisp as I think other monitors would be. I'm looking at the 27' HP monitor, the glossy one.
  4. Do colors look off to you?

    Do colors tend to shift when veiwing from different angles and you don't like it?

    Are you seeing color bandingh issues?
  5. If you're looking at the one at newegg, it has good ratings. I hope you will physically visit the monitor before you buy. Color, brightness, and resolution may be different than you expect, and seeing one in action is a good idea before you spend several hundred dollars.
  6. OK, I guess my question has been misunderstood. What I am asking is this. I have a hans G 28 monitor. It does 1920x1200. The 27' HP monitor does 1920x1080. I'm "Thinking" that the HP monitor will be a better overall monitor for colors/cripsness. I find that the Hans G has a good res/spec's but I'm just thinking of an upgrade for around 450 bucks. Thats all I'm asking.

  7. The HP may be better. You will lose some screen real estate; the HP is 1980x1080, while the Hanns G is 1920x1200.
    One thing I've noticed about the Hanns G monitors is they don't have DVI, just D-sub and HDMI. I would recommend you go look at any monitor you are considering buying - get it set to its native resolution, and play with a little while.
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