Weird Energy Draw When Shut Down

Hey there,

So just got done building a new computer, and so far everything is working very well when the computer is running. However when I shut the computer down, the LED's on my front fans stay on, sometimes one of the front fans will spin really slow, but not always. Also the LED that shows HDD Status which works fine when the computer is running, stays on. Also the LED around the power button on my case. Once in awhile the light on the front of my DvD rom drive stays on, however this doesn't always happen either. Lastly it sounds like the PSU fan might be running slowly, and when I put my hand at the back of it I can feel a little airflow from it. I'm curious what could be causing this, and if so how to fix it. I'm REALLY hoping I don't have to buy a new PSU but I'm worried I will. Also it should be noted that all the fans are plugged into the Molex connectors on the PSU NOT the MoBo. Only the CPU fan is connected to the Mobo itself. I haven't tried shutting down and leaving it for a few hours to see if it shuts off after awhile if it's just residual energy as I'm worried about it hurting the rest of the PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated if this is normal and I'm missing something or if I need a new PSU or if it's something else. Also when the computer is up and running, all the fans spin and seem to be working normally. And I haven't had problems with it not letting me boot up or anything after shutdown.

Thanks in advance!!


My specs are,
AZZA Solano 1000 ATX full Case
ASUS M4N75TD AM3 NVIDIA NForce 750a sli ATX Board
EVGA GeForce GTX460SE x2 SLI'd
Cooler Master Silent Pro RSA00 1000W PSU
G. Skill Ripjaws series 8gb Ram
AMP Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition CPU
Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
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  1. Firstly, are you sure you are shutting the PC down and not going into hibernation/sleep mode?

    if it is actually supposed to be shutting down, an this is happening, you almost certainly have a faulty PSU.
  2. I've shut the computer down using the start menu and a hard shut down using the power button on my tower.
  3. Ok so Returned the power supply and got a new one, same model, and hooked it up same issue. I now can't believe it's the PSU as it's the same exact problem. However since other then the LED's on the case and the light on the DVD drive that SOMETIMES stays on, it's the Fan LED's that stay on that are only connected to the PSU...... I just had my old computer on this while I waited for the new part and had no problems like this. I'm at a complete loss and would appreciate any ideas....

  4. Update:

    Thanks for all that read and replied to this. I have since figured out what was causing it, though I don't know why. For some reason when I unplugged the Front USB connector from the MoBo all of the issues stopped immediately. Sooo I'm now a happy camper I just wish I'd of tried that earlier. I don't know if it was causing a short or what in the cord that was making the PSU think it needed to send power through the Mobo or what buuuut it's working very well now.

    Thanks again!
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