Gtx 470, 5850 or 5870

Hello, I'm looking into getting a new gpu, and according to best graphics cards for the money september, the gtx 470 is the best choice, however I have an Asus p6t SE which means my motherboard does not support SLi, but it does support crossfire. So in the future it would be nice to be able to add a second card, however by then I may of have gotten a new motherboard. Any suggestions or opinions?

Asus p6t SE intel x58
Intel i7 975x, 3.33ghz
6 gb 1600mhz
800 watt psu
(currently gts 250 1gb)
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  1. you might want to wait a month or so, new 6 series cards are coming out soon.
  2. Is that a rumor, or for sure they're coming out?
  3. Sounds good, guess Ill wait until then, if anything the price will drop on the 5000 series.
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