What's wrong with my card?


I recently built my own system and I'm having problems determining whats wrong. I searched for threads on this matter, but the answers I found were too vague, so excuse me if this has been answered before, I might have missed it.

I recently bought a XFX HD 5970 Black Edition and have been having problems with it.

First off, if I raise the voltage to -anything- higher than the stock 1049 the screen starts to flicker whenever I open a program. Secondly, I can't even overclock it to 850\1150 even though temparature isn't an issue. I've heard of people ocing it all the way up to 1000/1500 or something of the like, so that really confuses me. Whenever I raise it over around 800 programs start freezing a few seconds after I start them, and it results in me having to do a hard reboot. Finally, the XFX OverVolt tool wont recognize my card and says it isn't eligible for the service. I'm not too sure how big this is but it makes me think something's wrong with my card.

I've already tried fully reinstalling drivers, I've even gone as far as reformatting the HD, but the problem persists. The temperature never goes over 80C load, so I don't see where all these problems are coming from.

Full system specs:

-Intel i5 760 @ 4.0ghz
-Prolimatech Megahalems in a push/pull
-G.SKILL Eco DDR3 1600 4.0ghz
-Coolermaster HAF X
-XFX Black Edition XPS-850W-BES 850W
-And of course, the XFX Black Edition 5970.

What's wrong with my card? Do I need to RMA it? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  1. I guess your card can't take more higher than stock voltage or even 850/1150.
    Well, you can get different result even from the same type of graphic card (HD5970 BE).
    What program did you use? You can try MSI Afterburner...
  2. I have been using MSI afterburner.
  3. Not all HD 5970 will be able to overclock to the same level. Some will be more overclockable than others while some are less overclockable as others.

    You can only RMA if the card is not working properly. You cannot RMA if it cannot be overclocked to your expectations. You can either:

    1) sell it and use the money to buy another HD 5970 that can hopefully be overclocked higher.
    2) Return it and pay the 15% restocking fee.
    3) Keep it because it is functioning properly at stock speed.
  4. I tried keeping it on stock speeds to see its stability, and everything seemed alright while playing sc2/etc, but after about ~2 hours it froze instantly when I started up TF2. I rebooted my computer and it instantly froze again when I started it, and only ran stable the third time. Does this mean my card's on the fritz?
  5. i'd rma due to the freezing, but as said by others if it works at stock you can't rma, however as yours is freezing rma away
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