Is this a good applications/gaming pc build?

ok, first i'm just 13 so i don't have 5000$ to drop and i just want to upgrade my system to a PC with the following

i7 950 3.02 GHz…

Graphics card:
Radeon HD 6870 1GB…


ASUS Sabertooth X58…

2x 1TB in RAID 0

is that much better then my current set up:
i7 860 2.8 GHz
8GB ram (mid speed)
radeon HD 4850 (512 MB)
and p55 MOBO with no usb 3.0 support

will my future set up fit in my roomy case by velocitymicro:
Bays: 2x5.25"; 1x3.5"; 3x3.5" internal

Height: 15"
Depth: 17.625"
Width: 7.375"

Should i add ssd for my os and a few apps ( ubuntu and win7)

i want to be able to play almost any game at max settings with a res of 2048 x 1152 while still maintaining 50FPS or above.

i will be using adobe mas collection commonly (mostly photoshop, AE, and Fash pro) all CS5

i also will be compiling some java and c++ code (not to intensive)

should i add any thing. am i forgetting something. is it worth upgrading over my current system.

least of my concerns so unless you are just bored don't even bother answering the following:
is this system hackintoshable (-_-)

Thanks for your extreme efforts

ohh yea my power supply is 850wat crossair

my cooling is a nice liquid cooling system but i don't intend on over clocking
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  1. PS. with the GPU CPU RAM and MOBO only it will cost $924.96 how musch could i sell my old, working RAM CPU GPU and MOBO for

    PSS. should i keep my HD 4850 and crossfire or can a 6870 and 4850 not crossfire

    if i do get an ssd (around 60GB) what type any links?
  2. The GPU and SSD would be a good upgrade for your current build, I wouldn't bother with anything else. Add a second monitor if you'll be doing much coding though, it helps a lot.
  3. Gpu upgrade yes, but as for cpu and ram, not worthy-
  4. Go with the card. There's not enough of a difference in the others unless you just want a different package. You can increase your dual channel memory by using 4 gig sticks if your looking for an increase to help out the the CS5. If you're trying to spend free money I would invest in at least 2 SSD 128GB's and RAID them for system performance.
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