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Compatible Graphics Card for an HP Destok

Hi All,

I have an HP Pavilion Computer Model M9340f and i want to upgrade the video card since I'm looking to play Final Fantasy 14. They recommend the Nvidia GTX 460 card. So, i would like to get that but im not sure if it would physically fit on my computer along with a good OCZ power supply since i think my GPU is 350 watts.

If i can't fit these part on my computer i was thinking going a different route and just buy the best available video card for my current set up without buying a power supply but i've been doing research for a long time and i just cant seem to find a good answer. Thanks in advance!

My Computer specs are as follow:

Model: M9340f
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz
System: 64 bit
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    The cheapest and easiest is to use the HD5670. Your existing 350w power supply would be fine.

    A decent 500-600w power supply and a GTX460 depending on budget would also be a viable solution with the HP M9340f. Either the 768MB or the 1GB depending on your monitor resolution.

    If you go with the 460, i'd pick out one that exhausts the heat outside the case. (HPs have poor stock cooling) Here's a link that's worth a look.
    Is that your desktop?
    Well, if you want to upgrade graphic card without changing PSU then go with GT240 or HD5670. At least it's more powerful than 9500GS. :)
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  4. Thanks a lot guys! Very useful info! I think i might go with the 460 and new GPU. Thanks!
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