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I have the have the following two systems and have the option to buy a graphic card and install in one of the two. I would like to know which one would be better with graphic card (for gaming, watching movies etc etc)

Core 2 duo E8400 3.0Ghz
Intel DG43NB
320 GB Hard disk

Core i5 650 3.2 Ghz
Intel DH55TC
500 GB hard disk

I have two options for my graphic card
1) GTS450 GeForce PCX 1024 MB (128-bit) DDR5

I am more likely to end up with the GeForce one because it falls within my budget . Please tell which of the above two system will be better for gaming, watching high video etc etc with the graphic card installed
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  1. The System 2 with the Nvidia will be fine for your needs and more.......although if you tell us the price you're getting it for we might be able to suggest a better card in that same range plus minus a little... :)
  2. i have abt 15 to 16k (pakistani rupees) with me .....
    The link below is form where i plan to get it .... any other card in this range available of this site u can suggest will be good as well
  3. If you can wait a little until you collect about 2K more PR than it would be a better choice. Go for a GTX series Card or the HD58XX series card.... that would be a beter option......
  4. Hamza wats ur overall budget for all components, i may find u cheaper prices from other shops in pak, then u might be able to buy a better GPU.
  5. @mianmars .......... I already have the two above mentioned computers with me at home ....... I only intend to but a graphic card and install in either one (which ever is better)

    @alyoshka ....... I will try to get upto 20K and then will look at ur advice

    @ malmental ...... thks for ur advice abt Nvidia ...... but any particular reason i should go 4 Nvidia and not ATI??????????
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    ^ hamza if u r going upto 20k then a GTX 460 768 MB is better which is on 19k. A 5770 would even be fine if u r having 1680x1050 resolution. Galaxy Karachi is selling XFX 5770 on 13,800 r.s which is damn gud value for money, i bought Asus 5770 from shophive Lahore on 17,500 r.s few months back. So i think u should definitely go for XFX 5770, there is no point to spend another 5k to buy a GTX 460 768MB which is a small amount of improvement over 5770. If u still wana buy a more powerful card then get 6850 which is on 21k.
  7. @ Mianmars ........
    Thanks for ur reply ..... I will go for the 5770 ...... I think XFX 5770 will do fine ......

    Thank you everyone for ur feedback ........ u have been a great help ........
  8. @Malmental ......... Thanks
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