Crap! help me please.

What do i do!

I have two computers, one of them has got viruses so i formatted its harddrive. lets call it phillips.
and the second a working computer called asus.

the hard drive that I am currently using belongs to the asus, but i got it working through the onboard vga port on the phillips. but heres the problem i want to put the hardrive back in the asus, i can get it to work through the chipset vga, but it will load so far and then the screen will go black. i think it may be a driver because if i turn up speakers i here xp start up sound.

what do i do, i have a disk the asus motherboard and i have tried its vga driver and its inf driver BUT ITS NOT WORKING I NEED HELP!!
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More about crap please
  1. Please help me, I wanna pull this harddrive out and put it in the Asus.
    and advise, anyone been here before? ...
  2. Try uninstalling all video drivers, it should work (640*480, 16 colors) on both computers. Then install new drivers.
  3. Hit F* when its loading and it will start in safe mode with networking with generic video driver, once in you can uninstall wrong driver and update the right one.
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    go into BIOS, and check out your hardware and the VGA settings

    ^ you mean the F8 key while windows loads but just before the windows bootup logo appears
  5. cheers guys, i figured these hunks a crap out. i tried removing the graphics card a thousand times and finally i got it to work through changing it to onboard graphics, its been a while since i have been on here but since i have givin my computer to my friend lol. (Lutfij all motherboards have different key settings for bios).

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  7. F8 is to access "SAFEMODE" in windows :) i was correcting the prev post not indicating to go into BIOS with the F8 - come to think of it, i've never heard of a mobo with : "Hit F8 key now to enter BIOS" :) :D :LOL: Intel's have 'F2' and Asus have 'DEL'

    PM me if you'd need anything!
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