Game freezes with 8800gt driving me crazy.

I've been playing this fps called AVA, but every so often, I would join a game, and randomly, the whole screen freezes. Sometimes, after about 10-30 seconds teh game will come back and ill either still be in it or I get kicked. Other time, the screen stays frozen.

When I ctrl-alt del, it does come up, and I hear a bunch of sounds that are from the game run through. My only choice is to turn off the not responding ava.exe. Any one have any clues? I have tested various drivers and they all do the same. Please someone help. This is really annoying. I am currently using teh 260 betas,but I tried the 191.70 and they do the same .
Windows 7 32bit
Intel C2D 6420
3 gb ram 667
msi 8800gt
creative sb x-fi game
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  1. If it does not freeze while playing other games, dont even bother about ava.
  2. Agree with Tamz above, does it also freeze on the other games? If it only happened on AVA then you can blame that game for causing your problem...
  3. Like others stated, if it only does this with AVA, it's probably a game bug. The fact that you can CTRL-ALT-DEL and get a response suggests it's not an actual system problem. Otherwise it would just freeze up solid or BSOD.

    You might check the FAQ or Support Forums for AVA and see if others with nVidia cards have reported this problem. There may be a fix for it, or at least it may be a known problem.

    EDIT: By the way... a Google search found an AVA community of gaming. But not an "AVA" game.

    Is this what you're playing with? Alliance of Valiant Arms?
  4. This guy claims it's a nVidia driver problem. But another guy in the thread suggests it's a video memory leak in AVA.
  5. Yes, alliance of valiant arms. Ok so I took off my cpu overclock and it seem to have fixed it for a day or so. But then today, it started freezing again. It's strange. Sometimes, I can play hours without it freezing. Other times, it would freeze 3 minutes into a game everytime, even when I close and reopen the game. Should I try downclocking the gpu or try even an older nvida driver? Thanks for the input so far guys.
  6. Do you play any other games? I ask this just hoping you can verify for yourself that the video card isn't the problem. If AVA truly does have a memory leak issue like that forum thread suggested, there may be nothing you can do about it.

    Trying different driver versions is pretty simple. So it's worth trying. :)
  7. Actually thinking back, this freezing has happened to other games as well to Dirt 2, as well as the ancient counter strike 1.6.... I guess I'll try even older drivers? So far, I've tried the 191.07, 197.45 and the newer 250s.

    Could this also be a cpu overheating issue as well? I'll try monitoring the cpu temps next time cause this game takes up 100% cpu constantly.
  8. nvm last time it froze, i checked cpu temps. It was only up to 102 F. Someone at another forum say to try to up the mb voltage. Think that might help?
  9. Try removing the sound card.They have been known to cause problems with many games.
  10. I tried the soundcard, but it still froze.

    I had 3 sticks of 1gb ram. I took one out and now it seems to be fine... so far.. I did memtest on all 3 a few night ago for 10 hours but no errors. We'll see.
  11. Is LAN enabled while playing?
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