Why cannot open microsoft website

Hello All

I cannot open any microsoft owned pages, such as www.msn.dk, www.msn.com,
www.microsoft.com, www.windowsupdate.com, www.windows.com or any other - on
my other pc.

I've had this problem for a few weeks and it persists even in firefox.
I just formatted my c: and reinstalled winxp, and still the problem persists.

This laptop from which i am posting now is behind the same router as the
other pc.
I really need some help, please?

PS: any other websites work fine.
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  1. You may have the w32.downadup.b virus that blocks browsers from going to anti virus sites as well as any Microsoft site.

    Get the free removal tool here:
    (positively disconnect from network or internet before running)

    for details go to

    after that patch the windows from
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