ATI 5650 Mobile Clock issue

Recently i bought an hp pavillion dv7-4073ca and i quickly noticed that the performance wasn't as good as i thought it would be. And after playing a game for 10 minutes the game came to crawl and when i went back to desktop even it was slow . I thought that maybe the card had overheated but the temperature stayed at around 50. When checking the temp with gpu-z i realized my core and memory clocks were both at 300 which seemed low to me and after turning off powerplay which is the program that adjusts ur clock rate for battery life or performance the clocks stayed at a steady 100 and 150 respectively.

My question to you is , is there something wrong with my gpu or is this how slow and buggy the card is supposed to run?
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  1. Did you changed the battery option to High performance mod?
  2. yup it didnt make a difference .... i think it does have something to do with that though because last night i plugged in the battery and the clocks were back to normal and even when i unplugged they stayed at the same clock. But again today theyre back to their old tricks...
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