Asus X79 board pics!

P9X79 Pro

P9X79 Deluxe

P9X79 WS

Sabertooth X79

Rampage IV Extreme

Mainstream-P9X79 Pro and P9X79 Deluxe. Deluxe has wifi, BT GO! 3.0 and extra lan (Realtek) making a total of 2. Even the ROG only has 1 lan port
Workstation-P9X79 WS
TUF- Sabertooth X79
ROG-Rampage IV Extreme
It seems none of these boards support SRT running off the X79 chipset. Not sure if X79 lacks SRT support or was purposely disabled?
Asus fixed this problem by adding a Marvell 9128 SATA controller which they called "Asus SSD Caching"
Advantages on Asus SRT vs Intel SRT: No SSD size limit, quick setup, and don't have to reinstall the OS.
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  1. Man I hate the baby blue color scheme...ecccch!
  2. I will be doing a workstation build sooner or later, and I was going to use the Asus P6X58-E WS with the Intel Xeon W3690. But now I'm thinking I should wait until the X79 platform is available. So if I were to go with X79 then for the CPU I was looking at the direct successor to the W3690 which is the Xeon E5 1660 (they are both the top, 1P server/WS CPU's) and have been waiting to see info on the new Asus MOBO's but do yo uthink that the P9X79 WS is the direct successor to the P6X58-E WS, or do you think they will also release a P9X79-E WS???

    Also anyone Know the release dates on those boards posted above, specifically the P9X79 WS???
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