My upcoming PC : opinions only !

:hello: I Wanted to ask some experts in gaming how will I run : Arcania : A gothic tale ; Risen ; Crysis ; Dirt 2 with my system

Motherboard : ASrock N68-GE3-UCC

AMD Phenom II x2 555 Black Edition 3.2GHz

MSI Radeon 4850 512MB 256-bit

2GB DDR3 1333MHz


200 GB
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  1. Crysis should actually run pretty well on that system, perhaps a decent overclock and you should be good. However, Crysis runs a lot better on a Nvidia because of drivers.

    Perhaps a ram increase to 4GB?
    Is 200GB enough to hold all of your Games and media?
  2. It will run, but I'm afraid not very well.

    The N68 is basically an old chipset -- its an AM2 board with DDR3.

    you shoudl set up wo a true AM3 board, like a 770, 785, or any 8xx board.

    The AS Rock 770 is $59.99 at new egg, a decent price.

    The Phenom II X2 555 is ok, and MIGHT unlock into a 955...but don't bet on it. Most of the X2s are binned down for a reason. For $10 more consider the Athlon II x4 640 or for $10 less the Athlon II X3 450. The extra cores will matter more than the L3 Cache. On sale right now, the Phenom II X3 740 is $68.99, but you need to add a fan to it. (the Coolermaster Hyper 101 is $15 up front and handles it just fine as a base model. The Hyper 212+ is $15 after rebate - $30 up front and will handle it if you unlock cores or overclock)

    The 4850 was a great card 2 years ago, and its not *bad* now, but its limited to Direct X 10, It'll work, but I'd recommend a 5770 over it in a heartbeat, and a 6850 over that. alll are more expensive than the 4850 by $75-$130 though.

    get 4 GB of Ram. Especially when Mushkin has 4 GB of DDR-1333 for $49.99 with a $10 MIR!

    Never heard of the JNC AT. Don't trust no name PSU brands. ALWAYS get something reliable (ANtec, Sea Sonic, Cooler Master, Corsair are all reliable brands).

    I personally like th Sea Sonic 520W S12II model, which is $59.99 at newegg. It'll handle ANY single card, and can handle dual GTS 450s or HD 6850s is SLI/Crossfire.
  3. i just want a decent gaming :) like 40-50 fps :)

    but my motherboard is ok man... look

    i will add more ram then

    so the final question... some of you out there who have a related system like mine can tell me at what details are they playing and with what fps :)... or other people... if it's not necessary to have a related system to give me some clues about what fps i will run

    other commentary pls about Arcania : a gothic tale... i'm more interested on that rather than crysis
  4. Depends on your settings and screen resolution.
  5. decent.... : 1280 X 1024 , high settings :)
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