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Strange Error Code

My system specs is as follows :

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53Ghz, (No overclocking)
ASUS P5KPL-CM Motherboard
320 GB Western Digital Hard Disk
XFX GeForce GT240 Graphics Card (No overclocking)
Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 32Bit

I have started having a strange problem. At certain times, after Windows boots, the screen becomes pixellated and ultimately the machine freezes. I have no option but to reboot. But once I reboot the system, it runs fine even for long hours. This only happens after windows starts. If this pixellation doesn't occur, the system runs fine. And at some other times, if the pixellation doesn't occur, Windows shifts to a 800*600 resolution, and gives a Graphics Driver Error Code 43, which it also gives every time the pixellation occurs.

I have reformatted my system completely, but to no avail. I have even tried changing the hard disk but the same problem occurs. The graphics card is barley a month old. I have also tried different versions of the NVIDIA drivers. There is no problem with the monitor, I've checked it out with a couple of monitors and the same thing happens. Could it be a problem with the hardware?
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  1. Code 43 is the Windows way of telling you that the device is not working, as for why it's not working that's anybody's guess. Do you have another card to try or another PC to try that card in?
  2. I changed my old 8600GT since I was getting the same kind of problems, but even with this new GT240 I'm having the same problem. Could it be something to do with the SMPS?
  3. If it's starting to fail then perhaps so but without replacing it or testing the cards in another system there is no way to tell.
  4. I tested it on my friend's computer for around a week. It works fine there.
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    In that case it's most likely PSU or motherboard that's at fault.
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