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Hello all :)

So, after saving up some money I've decided to build me a new PC. So far I've decided on a few things.

Intel i7 950
Gigabyte X58A-UD5
DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair
Noctua NH-D14
HDD WD 1Tb Caviar Black

Here are the items I just can't make up my mind.

Graphics card - Should I wait for AMD Radeon 6970, or maybe get something else.

PSU - I've been thinking about Corsair 650W HX, will it be enough to run this machine?

Case - Can't decided between Corsair Obsidian and Cosmos S RC-1100 (I'm leaning a bit more toward Obsidian)

Monitor - HP ZR24W or Dell U2410 (PC will be mostly for gaming and movies, with a touch of Photoshop)

So, what do you guys think, tips and advice are welcome.
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  1. get the seagate barracuda 7200.12 1tb for $50 on newegg.


    GPU: I'd wait, and I'd also wait for intel SB. (which I actually am doing)
  2. Can't buy on newegg, I'm pretty much stuck with the local shops :( (Croatia, Europe). Corsair is pretty much the best brand of PSU I can get, so I'll get my hands on 750W HX then.

    Guess I'll try and wait hehe. It's hard 'cos atm I'm working with Athlon 1800+, 768 RAM and GeForce 4Ti, so I'm really looking forward to my next machine.
  3. im running an eee pc with 1gb of ram and a broken keyboard so I'm using a plug in keyboard.
  4. When you do make your purchase, get 3 sticks of ram to take advantage of the i7 9xx triple channel memory. 3x2gb would be plenty.
    Oh and the g4 ti was such a beast. I had the 4200 and it lasted me a very long time
  5. Didn't know that, gonna get 3x2 Gig then. :)

    Any tips about monitor situation, HP or Dell?
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