New Hard Drive decreases performance?

Well, I went out of my way on friday to buy a Caviar Black 1TB hard drive to be the primary drive in my computer rather than my 5400rpm 1TB Caviar Green.

There is NO performance increase, the drive is extremely loud when loading anything, (I know it can be switched to bypass/quite but that will decrease performance even more) and Windows experience marks it with a 5.9, the same as my Caviar Green.

Perhaps I am missing some software, or is this drive not worth the money I paid?
I am currently typing to you with it being my primary drive, but I don't think it will stay there for long.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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    Single HDD's wont go over 5.9 on windows scale. If your raid 2 of them in 0 you'll get 6.0. The only way to go higher is with an ssd. You should see a slight increase in boot up times, program start ups, etc etc. But dont expect anything huge. The benefit will be very slight and hardly noticeable.

    Im not sure about the noise, it might be defective if its making unusual noises, but ive dont have experiences with the caviar hdd's so i cant tell you what theyre supposed to sound like.
  2. I reinstalled my graphics driver and it's actually a lot faster lol

    Thanks for your input bavman, didn't know that. Kinda regret buying it, but I guess it was still a good deal for $60.

    Anyone have one of these and can tell me if theirs is loud?
  3. A good idea is to install one drive for OS and programs only, with no personal files
    the other drive just for personal files.
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