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Crossfire with Different Manufacturers

So they've apparently discontinued my graphics card, the GIGABYTE Radeon 5850 (GV-R585D5-1GD-B), but I heard from someone that you can crossfire the 5850 with one from another manufacturer (eg HIS). Does anyone have any conformation on this? If so, is there a specific guideline I should follow?

My gut is telling me that they won't work, and if they do only a select few would.

EDIT: 5850 in Question
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  2. It's fine, don't worry about that, you can use different brand as long as the card type is the same (in this case HD5850). :)
  3. You should be fine. BTW, it's brand names, not manufactures.

    There are only a handful of manufactures (OEM) out there; one of them is PC Partners and it is the parent company of Sapphire. These OEMs manufacture video cards and slaps brand name stickers on them.
  4. ^^^

    Damn, it can't edit. It should be "manufacturers"...
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