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Other than the fact that a Dell tech might refuse to work on the server _if_ it does not contain Dell Certified RAM, is there any difference in it and the much cheaper non-Dell certified RAM? The cost is pretty vast, like, 5x as much for Dell Certified. The odd part is, Dell sells "non-certified" RAM on their site -- Kingston -- _and_ they even reference Kingston testing when detailing the value and testing of their "certified" RAM.

Dell engineers are telling me they cannot guarantee the performance of the non-Certified, and I know from experience they will probably reject support if ever the memory is in question.

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  1. Newegg sells 4 gb sticks of 1333 samsung server ddr3 for around $70, for comparison. I worked at dell's austin server building and assembled a few boards using hynix ram. It's the same. You simply have to make sure if your board uses registered or non-registered ecc ram and select the right one.
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