I have Asus p8p67 board with 2x 4gb corsair vengeance rams installed on the #1 and 3.
My Ram Slot #4 is defected but Asus is apprently not available with exchange
(while they had some issues with their p67 board recently), so I need to stick with using 2rams for the #1 and 3 DIMM slots.

Currently, with the intel's small stock fan, there is no problem. (the cpu cooler does not touch the ram in the #1 slot).
However, as I look forward to install a custom cpu cooler, I wonder if the cooler would be compatible with the rams spacially.

I am considering the Cooler Master's Hyper 212+ cooler; however, if there is any other good cooler that would not
have a spacial conflict with the ram, please recommend it for me.

so Please tell me

1) If the Hyper 212+ cooler will be spacially compatible with the two Corsair Vengeance Rams in #1,3 slots.

2) If any other coller will be a good option for me

3) If the Hyper 212+ is the best option for me but if its fan still touches the ram in the #1 slot,
would it possible for me to ATTACH a slimmer fan instead of the fan thats included to be attached with the heatsink ?

If yes, please select the best option for me.

a) Yate Loon 120mm x 20mm Slim Fan - Medium Speed (62.0 CFM , 1800rpm, 28.5dbA)

b) Yate Loon 120mm x 20mm Slim Fan - Low Speed (44.5 CFM, 1300rpm, 20.8dbA)

c) Scythe "SLIP STREAM SLIM" 120 x 12mm Fan
800rpm SY1212SL12SL
1,200rpm SY1212SL12L
1,600rpm SY1212SL12M
2,000rpm SY1212SL12H

If yes (and if the 120 x 25 mm fan would not touch the ram,)
tell me the best fan option for me.
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  1. Tell you the truth I have a SY1212SL12H on order for my Asus p8p67. I also have the same cooler as you the Hyper 212+.


    I can let you know how it works if someone has not responded by the time I get the part in.
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