Does size matter?

Hey guys, I've been looking around and found a case i like, but don't know if it will fit my SLI 560's factory overclocked.

Antec 902 - Does it have enough physical space to hold my two GFX cards and motherboard (along with other components)
Also was hoping to get a HSF cooler.. so.. will it all fit?

if not i was thinking of either getting the antec 1200 or the coolermaster haf 932
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    Should fit fine! :)

    The GTX560 cards arent that massive compared to say a 4870X2.

    The 902 is a gaming case. It is quite wide and will fit most aftermarket coolers.

    I have a HAF 932, and it really is huge. Wide enough for any cooler. But it's really tall, and has 6x 5 1/4" drive bays at the top (!). If you dont need such a tall case, look at the HAF 912. Its just the same, only shorter.

    The Antec 902 will surely fit 2 dual slot GPUs of considerable length, and a large cooler. So dont worry! Buy it!! Good luck with build :)
  2. Heres a pic:

    Antec 902 with 2xGTX285 and a huge cooler ;)

    GTX 285 is 10.5 inches, the GTX 560 is only 9 inches, so it will definately fit :) :) :)
  3. plenty of the room in that case for your set up. ive built a rig using that case before, its very nice...get the v3 edition of the 902
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  5. Thank you all!
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