F1 2010

Hi guys

I have:-

2 x ATI 4890 crossfire cards
Intel i7 2.8 ghz core CPU
8 gig ram
Windows 7 - 64 bit
1,000 Watts Coolermaster silent pro PSU
and some other stuff

I have disabled hyperthreading as it makes my games faster.......

All my current games work at their highest settings (I just need to disable crossfire at times)

games like (Just Cause 2, Arma II, Metro, Starcraft II, GTA 4 etc)

My problem is with the new "F1 2010". No matter what I do the game hangs seconds after it starts (where the reporter asks you for your name) it always hangs around there. I can't even get into the game to change the graphics options etc.

The game hangs for around 10 seconds. Then the screen gets full of green dots and the the memory dump follows shortly after. I have enabled and disabled crossfire and the same thing just happens over and over. I have all the newest drivers. I have looked for a manual cfg file in the games folder to perhaps change the settings beforehand, but it wont open. It seems I am the only one with this problem as I cannot find similar issues on google.

Please help.............................

Maybe someone can send me a cfg file that I can copy and paste into my game folder???
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  1. Where did you get the game from?
  2. I must confess that it is cracked. I do however buy 90% of my games original. I only pirate the ones that is not available in my country.
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