Need New Case advise

Hi currently I am looking for a new PC case for my desktop, just need some advise.
I got 9 HDDS and 2 dvd writer and 1 floppy drive. So I need a full tower case.
can anyone suggest me a good case. I am using Lian-Li at the moment.
thx for the help
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  1. Are you a gamer? whats the rest of your pc hardware specs?
  2. Hi I am not a gamer, Here is the specs
    Cpu: E8400
    MB: Asus P5K-E Wifi
    ram: corsair dominator PC8400 CL5
    VGA: Asus 8600GT
    I perfer cooler and slience case for the HDD.
  3. As far as keeping things cool on air, this works pretty good:

    I have its smaller brother the 900 and it's the best case I've worked with. :bounce: :sol:
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