Best (problem free) ssd for the p8z68-v motherboard

I am just recovering from 3 weeks of frustration with the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD I had insurmountable issues with it (mostly freezing and BSOD) and now have sent it back for a full refund.
This leaves me with the question which SSD (120 - 250 Gb) works out of the box on my motherboard?

I would welcome any ideas, suggestions and experiences? Cheers
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  1. Intel has, in the past been most problem free.

    An alternative might be samsung.
    Both produce their own nand chips.
  2. Have had great experience with the 128GB Samsung 470. If you are OK with the SATA 2 3GB/S speed, you can get one for less than $200. If you need SATA 3, Samsung just released the 830 version that are $30-40 more.
  3. If you find ANY problem free SSD, let us know! ;)
  4. I know what you mean Beenthere. It's new technology and that always demands its pound of flesh (a few late nights and a couple of rebuilds) but not as bad as the Vertex 3 which had a BSODs at least 4 times a day and froze the rest of the time it was totally unusable.

    I can live with the occasional hiccup I just want it to do it's job.
  5. I was looking at Samsung (got quite a bit of kit of theirs - good stuff) I am intrested in the 830 since I would prefer SATA 3 but it is early days I would rather wait a few weeks and see what the feedback is on that one.
  6. Its helpful to know the OpSys you're going to run with the SSD?
    Is this for a boot drive with applications or a raid type system cache only?
    Win7 supports trim with most SSD's so the wear factor is more evenly distributed.

    There are many good brand SSD's on the market now and prices are still coming down.
    I've had good personal expierences with the Corsair Force 3 SSD's.
    For what i'm able to research, the Sandforce 2200 SSD controllers seem to be quite troublefree and offer the best speed/price/value.

    Generally speaking for OpSys and Apps, at least a 128GB or greater is recommended.
    Those in such a GB per dollar seem to be the best values at the moment. This can change and I expect it to with the coming holiday season.
    Timing is everything for getting the best bang for the buck. If you're looking to future proof as well, go with a SATA 3 unit.
    These are going to be the best option ongoing. Not really for read/write speeds per se but more for lasting upgrade potential.
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